Sub-Ministries of the Christian Education Ministry

Couples Ministry
Mission Statement
Our mission is to reach out to all married couples; to enpower and nurture them to build their marriage on a biblical foundation and in so doing strengthening family lives in the church.


The objectives of this ministry shall include,but not be limited to the following:

  • Helping unsaved couples to come to a personal, saving knowledge of and trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.
  • Develop a support system to mentor newlyweds and those who are engaged to be married.
  • To attract new couples to the church by nurturing those who are using the church facility for weddings.
  • Minister practically to the specific needs that couples face, through seminars, meetings and retreats.
  • Foster a better relationship with each other and with the general church family.
  • Encourage and support couples in their marital relationship to better cope with real life situations.
  • Facilitate couples having fun practically and creatively as a group and within their marriages.
Men's Ministry


Women's Ministry


Our Mission is to provide spiritually based information, which inspires, renews, and enhances the lives of women to cope with various issues whereby fellowship can be nurtured.


Through scripture, we seek to encourage, nurture, and disciple women to become enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ, as we each become the woman that God created each of us to be. In addition, to promote spiritual growth, personal relationship with God, loving relationships with one another, and advance the goal of family, church, and community. We also strive to complement the existing ministries and support the Vision of the Church.

GOALS: Connect women to women through outreach, fellowship, and ministry.

  • Discover the strength and healing that is available through the Word of God.
  • Develop Christ-like character, discipline, and relationships at home, work, church, and in the community.
  • Develop and organize a ministry, which will speak to the particular needs, issues, and concerns of all women at various stages in their lives.
  • Identify and foster the God-given gifts and talents of all women in the ministry.

OBJECTIVES: Attend monthly Women’s Ministry meetings.

  • Equip all women with an understanding of the Word of God and His purpose for their life.
  • Develop a daily prayer life individually and with a prayer sister.
  • Make spiritual growth a priority by being an active participant in Sunday School, Bible Study, and other teaching/training opportunities.
  • Present opportunities to understand and develop spiritual gifts and talents through workshops,
  • conferences, and fellowships, such as the National Retreat and Area II In-gathering.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Work in conjunction and collaboration with our Pastor and all ministries of the Church by:

  • Allowing our God-given gifts and talents to be used for the uplifting of the ministry
  • Respecting the work and efforts of others
  • Conducting all meetings in an organized, spiritual, and God-directed manner so that He may receive all the glory. Support and encourage one another, guarding each other’s reputations
  • Supporting and participating in the Women’s Ministry activities.
Sunday School
Discipleship Training