Who are we?

PMC  is a registered Society under the Co-operative Societies Act of Jamaica. Incorporation was attained in October 2000. The general purpose of the society is to encourage thrift among our members and to grant loans at concessionary rates.

Our Mission Statement “We are committed under God’s guidance to provide quality service to our members by providing a wide range of products and services from which our member can benefit. We also encourage thrift and prudent borrowing habits.”

Want to join the IPS?

For further information, you may contact the office Mondays to Fridays at 704-1515 or email us at pmcjm@gmail.com.


Children Savings Club 
Our Children Savings Club is quite active with strong participants by our Sunday School students as well as the Prepotary School students.
Financial Counselling 
Financial counselling is available upon request.
Gift Certificates 
Gift certificates are available in denominations of J$500 and J$1000. These can be given to loved ones for any occasion.
Loans – There are presently two types of loans
Ordinary Loans – Loans up to a maximum of 200,000.00, requiring security.
– Up to 3 years to repay
– 18.5% on the reducing balance
– Must have savings of at least a quarter of required loan, plus security.
E-Loans (Emergency Loans) – Loans up to $20,000.00
– 22% interest on the reducing balance
– Must have at least a quarter of the required amount in savings
– No security required
– Monthly payment of at least 10% of balance plus interest.