Elder Donavon Beersingh, Director of Missions & Evangelism Ministry

Elder Donavon Beersingh, Director of Missions & Evangelism Ministry










This vibrant and all-important ministry has sought to obey the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ in carrying out the mandate in Matthew 25:35-40 “In as much as ye have done it to Me, of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me”.


Sub-Ministries of the Missions & Evangelism Ministry

Prayer & Fasting Ministry

The Prayer & Fasting Ministry meets on the first Saturday of every month and every Wednesday at 5am. This ministry is responsible for taking to the Lord in prayer the spiritual growth of Portmore Missionary Church (PMC), the affairs of our country, Jamaica and other personal prayer requests received from persons locally and internationally. During the Prayer & Fasting services persons from the PMC family and outside of the immediate church family are invited to give testimonies of how through prayer their lives have been impacted. This ministry is to connect with the Lord and we know that through prayer everything is possible.

Director: Deacon Philbert Gordon
Assistant Director: Deaconess Pansy Senior


Local Mission-Fishing Village


Local Mission-Reid's Pen Good News Club


Special Children's Ministry


Community Outreach Evangelism


Prison Ministry




Overseas Missions