Gerald Knight

Gerald Knight, Director of Worship Music & Media Ministry










Sub-Ministries in the Worship, Music & Media Ministry

Sign Language

The Sign Language Ministry ministers to the deaf in the Portmore community and its surroundings. This ministry started in 2003 in an effort to reach the deaf in and around Portmore. The deaf members and adherents of PMC are welcomed to all services and enjoy the sign language interpretation of the entire service. The ministry currently comprises of approximately 25 members – 14 interpreters & supporters, 7 members and 4 regular adherents. We have annual sign language training for all members.

The main focus of the ministry is to locate the deaf in the community of Portmore, witness to them and invite them to become a part of the PMC family – in fullfilling our mandate of discipleship, “Go ye therefore into all the world and teach all nations.”

Director : Lyndel Scarlett

Adult Choir


Worship Ensemble

The Ministry of the PMC Worship Ensemble evolved out of a need to incorporate PMC members ranging from age 16 upwards (Youths, Young adults and matured adults) and the name “Worship Ensemble” came about in an effort to foster more outward expressions in collective worship and to further expose the church to all genres of worship songs. The membership currently stands at approximately 29 active members and recruitment for membership is continuous.

The Worship Ensemble ministers at least once per month with some months being twice. They currently rehearse every Friday at 7:30pm.

This Minstry’s primary mandate is to take the gospel in song outside of the four walls by ministering anywhere the word is to be heard and where souls can be won.

Director : Annmarie Prendergast
Assistant Directors: Ingrid Coore and Noleta Case


Youth Choir

The Youth Choir has grown to become a staple of the Music Department of the Portmore Missionary Church. The choir regularly ministers on third or fourth Sundays and is a feature of most Youth Sunday Services. For its members, the PMC Youth Choir has provided a unique platform for musical expression and an example of youth involvement in church ministry to their peers. As the group develops in vocal and spiritual maturity and in numbers, it aims to provide an environment that encourages the use musical gifts and talents in ministry.

The Youth Choir is currently directed by Bro. DeVaughn Colquhoun and Sisters Zuri Scott, Zaneta Scott. Rehearsals are held on Saturdays at 4:00p.m.

Children's Choir
The Portmore Missionary Church Children’s Choir is a great place to get the children using their talents to minister in song. These little ones are exposed to choir disciplines in a fun and meaningful way, preparing them to move on to the options available for growth such as the Youth Choir, The Worship Ensemble and the Adult Choir.

Rehearsals are inspirational and filled with enthusiasm and excitement, leaving the children in a happy frame of mind and with a sense of achievement. The children are exposed to Productions put on by the church and combined choir ministries, which have tremendous social and musical benefits to help them grow.

The current number of active members stands at 22, 12 girls and 10 boys, ranging from 3 to 12 years of age and we anticipate the numbers to grow. Rehearsals are held each Saturday at 4:00pm and the choir ministers on the second Sunday of each month.

Director: Nicole Walford and Latoya Jonas

Praise & Worship Team

The Praise and Worship Team is a diverse grouping of Christians, not just in age but also in involvement, status and experience. We are a committed, fun group who love to serve God by using our musical gifts.

The team currently consists of ten (10) members and ministers at the normal Worship Services as well as any other event as required inside and outside the walls of Portmore Missionary Church. We meet for rehearsals on Saturdays at 7:00pm.

The mandate of the worship team is to lead the congregation in true worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship him in spirit and truth”. (John 4:24).

Director: Noleta Case
Assistants: Nicole Walford and Latoya Jonas



Performing Arts-Dance



Audio/Visual Engineers



Portmore Missionary Church Media Ministry, serves as one avenue to spread the gospel outside the walls of the church using the world wide web. The ministry makes available live worships & sermons to viewers around the world from 8am – 10am Jamaican Standard Time every Sunday. The media ministry is also responsible for updating the Portmore Missionary Church website, preparing audio CDs of each sermon for sale and ensuring that our team is growing spiritually and physically.

Currently the team consists of seven (7) members and continues to expand with the Grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Media Director : Shana-Kay Barnett

An usher must possess the heart of a servant as his/her chief responsibility is to serve God by serving every person who walks through the church doors. The usher meets and greets and can influence the overall experience of the worshiper especially those who are visiting for the first time.

Before the church service begins we are responsible for making sure that everything is in order to ensure the smooth running of the service.

During the service we are responsible for the physical comfort of the worshipers. We aim to minimize movement in the Sanctuary and distractions during the service.

The PMC Usher Ministry consists of 47 active members led by a Head Usher & 2 assistants.